Removing the Smart Tag Indicator in Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how to remove smart tag indicator in Excel.

Smart tags are designed to recognize specific data and provide many actions based on the type of data recognized. The smart tag button appears when the cell is activated or when you move the mouse pointer over the cell. The button that appears near the cell that contains the recognized data has a list of various actions available.


A cell that contains data recognized by a smart tag is marked with a purple cell indicator in the bottom-right corner of the cell. If a range of cells is selected, then the smart tag button appears only for cells over those you move the pointer.

Smart tag:
A cell can contain more than one smart tag.

Let us understand with an example:

  • If we have some random numbers in column B & want to find out the sum of first two numbers only in highlighted cell


  • Entering the formula in cell B6=Sum(B2:B3) will give us a smart tag


  • Smart tag understands that cell B4 is also a number. If a number is associated next to the formula then it will notify the user to re-check the formula to see if there is more data left to be included within the same formula.
  • On the contrary, if you break the sequence of number by entering a text in cell B4 then formula in cell B6 will not return the smart tag.


  • If you click on the smart tag, the Exclamation Mark icon appears. This is called Smart Tag & following options would appear.

Smart tags appear in a cell if any of the following condition is met:

  • The formatting of the cell is changed.
  • Rows or columns are inserted or deleted around the cell.
  • The cell is moved.
  • The cell is cut or copied and then pasted.
  • The cell is auto-filtered.
  • The cell is rearranged because of a sort operation.
  • The cell is hidden.

Smart tag will get removed from a cell if any of the following condition is met:

  • The data in a cell is changed or deleted.
  • The data in a cell is pasted over.
  • New data is dragged into a cell.
  • If you use protect feature then you will not be able to add or remove smart tags from cells in the worksheet.

With Clipboard, Smart tags can be moved from one Office program to another Office program. If it is available in Word but not in Microsoft Excel then you can paste it into Excel, and the list of actions will be available for selection.

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