Counting the Number Of Yes Responses in a Student Questionnaire in Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how to count the number of yes responses in a student questionnaire.

To count the number of Yes responses in a student questionnaire, we will use combination of SUMPRODUCT & MMULT functions to retrieve the output.
SUMPRODUCT: Returns the sum of the products of corresponding ranges or arrays.
Syntax: =SUMPRODUCT(array1,array2,array3,...)

array1,array2,….. array255 are the ranges of cells or arrays that you want to multiply & then add them.

There can be maximum 255 arrays in Sumproduct function. Refer below shown screenshot
MMULT: Returns the matrix product of two arrays, an array with the same number of rows as array1 and columns as array2

Syntax: =MMULT(array1,array2)

array1, array2: The arrays you want to multiply.

Let us take an example:

  • Column A contains student ID.
  • Columns B:F contain the answers (Y/N) to 5 questions from each of 7 students.
  • Each row includes the answers of one student.
  • We want to count the number of students who gave a certain answer in cell H3 a specific number of times in cell I3.


  • The formula in cell J3 would be


  • If we change the criteria in cell I3 from 1 to 4 then the formula will update the result accordingly.


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