Page Layout Tab in Microsoft Excel

What is Page Layout and its uses?

In Page Layout option, we have various commands which we use to prepare the workbook for printing and exporting to PDF format. Through this command, we can adjust the page in the way we want to see after printing.

image 1


In this menu tab, we have 5 groups:-

image 2


a)    Themes: - This option is used to change the theme color of workbook by just click of a button. Each theme has 12 colors, two fonts (heading and body), SmartArt and the effects for shape. Also, we have color option whereby we can create new color’s theme, by using the Font option, we can create new font theme as well. So, if we want to create our own theme we can create it by using Themes option in Excel.

image 3


b)    Page Setup: -We use this option to set up the page for printing. So, we have Margins, Orientation, Size, Print Area, Breaks, Background and Print titles, in this group, which we use to prepare the page for printout.

image 4


c)    Scale to Fit: -This option helps to fit the page for printing by shrinking or enlarging its size to better fit the pages. We can use Scale to fit to adjust the width and height by describing the scale %age.

image 5


d)    Sheet Options: -It is also a printing option that can show or hide the gridlines, while printing and heading options are used to give headings to the rows and columns.

image 6


e)    Arrange: -We use this option to arrange the objects back and forward and align it. Also, we have Selection pane option by which we can see total images in the workbook and select them from there.

image 7




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