Excel 2013 has given us a new function i.e., NUMBERVALUE function.

This function converts text to a number.


NUMBERVALUE(Text, [Decimal_separator], [Group_separator ])


Text is the text which you want to convet as number

Decimal _separator is the character which will be used to separate the interger and fractional part of the output.

Group_seperator is the character which will be used to separate the number groups viz millions from thousands.

Note:- If Decimal separator or Group separator are not sepcified, then the local settings would be used as default.

Example:- The formula =NUMBERVALUE("4,500.27") will return 4500.27 as no other optional arguements added in the formula.

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  1. Hi,

    How do I fix the decimal separator in Excel 2013. If I import files into Excel, it will not do calculations on it unless I retype the amount.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Use Text to Column option.

    Alt>A>E, step 1 click on Next, step 2 check to other box type decimal sign in box, then click on next, Step 3 click on Finish.

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