How to use the NUMBERVALUE function in Excel

In this article, we will learn about how to use the NUMBERVALUE function in Excel to extract number out of a given input text value using the specified decimal and group separators.

What is NUMBERVALUE function?

NUMBERVALUE function in excel returns a number in numerical value converted from any format using custom separators. 

Syntax of NUMBERVALUE function:

=NUMBERVALUE ( text, [decimal_separator], [group_separators])

text : any value. It can text, number, date, time or currency.

decimal_separator : [optional] character which separates the integer part and fractional part. ( like 25.29)

group_separator : [Optional] character used to separate groupings of numbers in pairs of 3 ( like 100,000)


All of these might be confusing to understand. So, let's test this formula via running it on the example shown below. Here we have some random data values to test the NUMBERVALUE function in Excel.

Here we have some random values in different cell and we need to get the numerical value in number format using the below formula

Use the formula:


Press Enter

Here 100 number value is returned from given text value. Now use the formula with separator for other cells like shown below.

Use the formula:


See the formula in the cell. Here array value arguments to the function are given using the cell reference method.

Here the number 12.34 is obtained from the input value in C5. Now get the numerical value for other data values using the same formula.

Here are some observational notes shown below.


  1. Empty string as text in the function argument returns 0.
  2. If the optional arguments decimal_separator and group _separator are not input, then current locale is used.
  3. Empty spaces are ignored as in cell D4.
  4. The formula returns #VALUE! Error :
    1. If any of the arguments are not valid.
    2. If the group separator occurs after the decimal separator.
    3. If a decimal separator is used more than once in the Text argument.
  5. The date, time or currency values also returns their numerical value.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Use Text to Column option.

    Alt>A>E, step 1 click on Next, step 2 check to other box type decimal sign in box, then click on next, Step 3 click on Finish.

  2. Hi,

    How do I fix the decimal separator in Excel 2013. If I import files into Excel, it will not do calculations on it unless I retype the amount.

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