How to Use Excel Bubble Charts

The bubble chart in excel is a version scatter chart. It adds one more dimension to the normal scatter chart. The size of the bubble can be used to indicate some numeric value. the larger the bubble, the larger value it represents. The size of the bubble determined by smallest number and largest number.

Example: Plot A Bubble Chart in Excel (Month Vs Sales vs Manpower Data)
Here I have this data, that shows the manpower used in different months and sales done in that respective month. We want to visualize data, where the month is represented on the x-axis, manpower is represented on y-axis and sales are represented by the size of the bubble.

To plot a bubble chart in excel, follow these steps.

    1. Select data.
    2. Go to Insert=> Charts=>Scatter Charts=>Bubble Chart.


  1. The chart is ready.

0049 Interpreting Excel Bubble Chart

In the above chart, the x-axis represents the month intervals. It is by default represented with an interval of two months. You can change it to 1 from axis options.

We can see that the largest bubble is in the 12th month, which has used, probably most of the manpower since it is high on the chart’s Y-axis.

The bubble size is also the largest, which means it has the most sales done.

In the third month, we have used a large manpower of (64- represented by position on the y-axis) but sales are small (represented by bubble size).
Best Use of Bubble Chart in Excel

  • It is best when you have three dimensions to visualize.
  • Attracts users immediately

Disadvantages of Bubble Chart

  • Needs to be explained for the first time. First-time users may get confused.
  • Too many variables will make the chart unreadable.
  • It was hard to add data labels in Excel 2010 and earlier versions. In excel 2013 and onward it is quite easy.

So yeah guys, this how you use bubble chart in excel for data visualization. I hope this was helpful. If you have any doubts regarding this article or any other excel/VBA related article then please let me know in the comments section below.

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