How to Use Conditional Summing for Specific Conditions

If we want to find out the numeric value then the lookup function may be not the best option because we have to use helper column or array formulas. The easiest approach would be to use SUMIFS function which is designed to add up values from numbers & include only rows that meet the given condition.


Let us understand with an example:

  • We have a sales report that contains 3 Years, 3 Regions & 3 Sales Rep.
  • In column F & G, conditions are specified




  • We need a formula to check all the conditions to produce the result.
  • In cell G5, the formula would be: =SUMIFS(D2:D16,A2:A16,G2,B2:B16,G3,C2:C16,G4)




In this way, we can sum based on the meeting all the specified conditions.


Download - How to use Conditional Summing for Specific Conditions - xlsx

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