SUMIFS Function with Comparison Operator in Excel

This tutorial explains the usage of SUMIFS functions with comparison operator in Excel.

Question: I have employees’ data that contains Employee, Region & Sales in separate column; what I want a formula to calculate the Sale as per the selected employee from dropdown selection.

Following is the snapshot of data we have:




Let us calculate the Sales which are greater than 200:

  • In cell F3, the formula is
  • =SUMIFS(C2:C10,A2:A10,F1,C2:C10,">=200")




  • The above formula will ignore any Sales done by Nancy for less than 200 & will add only those numbers which are over & above the specified criteria.

If we change the employee’s name from Nancy to Mike then the same formula will retrieve the Sales greater than 200




In this way, we can use Excel SUMIFS function with comparison operator.



Download - SUMIFS function with Comparison Operator - xlsx

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