How to Create Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel

A Gantt chart is used for representation of a project with a graphic picture to be completed within an absolute time. It is a broad overview of a project status, which helps us to find out the how the project will be completed within a time period.

Henry Gantt is the father of the Gantt chart.

To prepare the Gantt chart, we use the Stacked bar. Stacked bar is used to compare parts of a whole across categories and shows how parts of a whole change over time.

Where you can use Gantt chart in Excel?

Gantt chart is used for predicting the project timeline. This is a visualization tool which is used for communication about the project status and progress with your team.You use the Gantt chart for most of theactivities for example:-

1.You can use Gantt chart for your daily activities.
2.If you are constructing a house you can use this chart to analyze how much time will all the activities take.
3.If you are going for a trip, you can prepare a Gantt chart.

Let’s take an example and understand, how you can make a Gantt chart

I have 15 day scheduling of Switzerland Tourist Place for the Tourist. We have data in the range A1:C8. In which Column A contains place's name, column B contains the date, and column C contains Duration.



To create the Gantt chart follow below mentioned steps:-

  • Select the data A1:C8.
  • Go to “Insert” menu on the ribbon, in the “Charts” group, click on “Stacked Bar”




  • Right click on the chart from the appeared popup, click on Select Data.


  • “Select Data Source” dialog box will appear.
  • Click on “Edit” button under the category of Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels.


  • “Axis label range” dialog box will appear.
  • Select the range of Places name A2:A8, click on ok.


  • Click on add in the category of Legend Entries (Series).


  • The edit Series dialog box will appear.
  • Write Date in the series name.
  • Select the date range B2:B8, click on ok.


  • In the court date is shown in number format.

Note: - Dates and times are stored as numbers in Excel, you have to convert the date into a general number so that you would be able to define the Minimum Bounds and Maximum bounds in the Axis option.


To convert the date into the general format, select the date range B2:B8 go to the “Home” tab, in the Number group select General from the drop down list.


  • Click on the Horizontal (Value) Axis.
  • A format Axis dialog box will appear.


  • Write the number 41840 in the Minimum Bound and in the Maximum bound write 41857.
  • Write 2.0 in the Major Units and 0.4 in the Minor Units.

Note: We will write the less than number from the first date and greater than the amount from the last date so that the picture would be presentable and understanding.




  • In the Axis Option click on “Number”.
  • Select “Date” from the Category drop down list. In the Type drop down list, select date format.


  • Select the Date Bar line.
  • Format Data Series dialog box will act.
  • Click on the Fill and Line tab. In the Fill options click on No Fill, and in the Border option click on No line.

Below is the diagram of Gantt chart, when you will make your own Gantt chart that should be like this:-img15

Conclusion:- If you are going to present the project planning for completion then Gantt chart is the best chart.

image 29

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