Rounding numerical calculation results in Microsoft Excel

We will demonstrate rounding numbers using a simple calculation (cell B1)

Enter the following value in cell A1: 650.00

Enter the following formula in cell B1: =SUM(A1>500,(A1)*0.0865)

The Result: 57.225

Rounding the result to the nearest integer: =ROUND(SUM(A1>500,(A1)*0.0865),0)

  • Result = 57.00

Rounding up the result: =ROUNDUP(SUM(A1>500,(A1)*0.0865),0)

  • Result = 58.00

Rounding down the result: =ROUNDDOWN(SUM(A1>500,(A1)*0.0865),0)

  • Result = 57.00

Screenshot // Rounding numerical calculation results in Microsoft Excel
Rounding numerical calculation results in Microsoft Excel

Users are saying about us...

  1. I want to take my results for example, 213 and 212 and round up to 215 and round down to 210. I am trying to round up to “5″ and down to “0″. Does anyone know how to do this?

  2. “The way I normally do this, is by dividing by 5, rounding to the nearest whole number, and then multiplying back by 5:

    If the number you want to round in this way is in A1, then:


    Does that solve your problem? “

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