How to Calculate VAT in Excel

In this article you will learn how to calculate VAT in Excel by using a functions? And Which formula we can use to calculate how much VAT has been paid when the only information you have is the total amount?

Well, it is quite easy to calculate tax in excel. The VAT (Value Added Tax) is most common type of tax that is applied to goods. Now GST (Good and Services Tax) is applied to almost every kind of goods but for some products like liquors, VAT is still there. You can calculate GST in the same way. After reading this article you will know:

  • VAT Calculation in Excel
  • How to Calculate the Selling Price of Goods.

Generic Formula of VAT calculation in Excel:

Purchase Price * VAT%

Generic Formula for Calculating Selling Price :

Purchase + Taxes


Let’s say we deal with drinks (all kind of). We are assuming that a different VAT% is applied to each product. And that VAT% is given. We need to calculate VAT and Selling Price.

Step 1: Prepare a Table

We prepared below the table in Excel Spreadsheet.

Step 2: Calculate the VAT amount

In Cell E2 write this formula and hit enter.


You will have your VAT amount calculated in E4 for milk. Drag Down the formula to E10.

Note: in Vat% column ‘%’ symbol is necessary. If you don’t want % symbol then you need to write your percentage preceding with “0.” Because excel converts “number%” into “number/100”.

Step 3: Calculate Selling Price:

In Cell F2, write this formula and hit enter.


The formula for selling price is ‘Cost+Taxes’ (neglecting profit here). We are assuming that VAT is only tax that is applied to your product. Then the cost is Purchase +VAT amt Taxes.

And it is done. Your Vat Calculator in Excel is ready.

You can add Totals in the bottom row or In the rightmost column like most newbies do. But the smart way of showing Totals is on the top row, just above the headers so that it is always visible (if top row is frozen).

Now you know how to calculate vat in Excel. You can use this excel tax formula to create an instant VAT calculator excel spreadsheet. You can reverse the process to create an tax rate formula in excel.

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    332600/- 20430.50/- 20430.50/-
    Please provide me taxable value for 18%,12%,5% based on above mention figures. Please provide formula for the same.

  2. I Have MRP - 17,13,840.00
    Excluding Above MRP in 3 Steps - (0) Net Amount (1) SGST 14%, (2) CGST 14% & (3) TCS 1% (sum of 0+1+2+3=MRP)
    You have to find 0,1,2,3

    Please Help me to find Net Amount, SGST, CGST, TCS from MRP Amount

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    ost but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I'd be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Many thanks!

  5. hi
    Please give me formula vat calculation for 5.5%
    Like for 14.5% i used to do
    Rate = 100
    14.5% = 100/1.145= 87.33 Price
    100-87.33= 12.67 Vat @ 14.5%
    Like wise please give me formula for 5.5% calculation

  6. Hi Guys

    So i need help...i have used your formulas to calculate the vat and nett selling price. But now i am faced with a dilema.

    We are a Guest House right so we purchase many fresh produce which is zero rated. I need to show that on my input tax spreadsheet.

    Thank you for your assistance its much appreciated

  7. Great article . I was enlightened by the facts ! Does someone know where my assistant could acquire a blank CA FTB 540/540A BK copy to complete ?

  8. Dear Admin, thanks for the tips, this is 200% correct formula, I was looking for this formula for a long time. In this tips we just have to put sale price and it calculate vat & net price depending on vat percentage. Thank you so much.

  9. VAT/Tax Amount

    Select the cell D2, and write the formula to calculate the “VAT/Tax Amount”
    Press Enter
    Example, the Vat for Nigeria is 5%
    Hence, my formula would translate to;
    From the table, the formula should be;
    Press Enter

  10. anand kondaguli

    Tutorial is OK but there are typing errors,
    In the example : The correct formula is =B2*100/(100+20)
    In the second example: The correct formula is =B2-D2

  11. I know the formulas seen on example are right. I have a small business and been going through the arithmetic for a very longtime so as not to make any mistakes that can cost me a lot of money.

    My question is, do you use the same formula when you actually give a discount on the selling price before VAT? or you just apply the straight forward deduction of percentage?

    I came to this question as when working out a discount with the formula above you can always go back to the selling price by adding the percentage given. If you deduct the percentage strait forward you will find out that there is a small percentage discrepancy that works against the retailer.

  12. Subtotal-A: 133.80
    Subtotal-B: ( Add 2% on Subtotal-A/ A1) : 136.48
    Subtotal-C: 10% Profit ( Add 10% on Subtotal-B) : 150.12
    VAT 5.5% of Total 9.12
    IT 4% of Total 6.64
    Total 165.88

    I want how a arrive from 150.12 to 165.88
    Paz send me an email

  13. Subtotal-A: 133.80
    Subtotal-B: ( Add 2% on Subtotal-A/ A1) : 136.48
    Subtotal-C: 10% Profit ( Add 10% on Subtotal-B) : 150.12
    VAT 5.5% of Total 9.12
    IT 4% of Total 6.64
    Total 165.88
    What is the formula of this rate

    I want how a river 150.12 to 165.88

    • Hello,

      As per the given example, it seems you are keeping 11.11% margin between selling price and MRP. If yes, assuming you have selling price (900) in A2 and you want MRP in B2. Try the following function


      Please let us know if it works!

      Team Excel Forum

  14. VAT/Tax Amount
    •Select the cell D2, and write the formula to calculate the “VAT/Tax Amount”.

    That formula cannot be correct. B2-B2?

  15. Hi,

    I raised invoice in Busy Software and this software tax calucation is very good when i put total amount 4000 in this software this software automatically get tax calculation when i print the invoice.
    I want know only for is any this calcuation is in excel or not and if yes so plz confirm me what is the formuls.

  16. Tip is great. We all know how to add VAT onto the basic price, but I hadn't a clue where to begin doing it the other way around. By the way - VAT is 17.5% in the UK.

    • VAT is 20% in the UK, not 17.5%. It has been 20% since the Tories got back into power in 2009. It is one of the first things they did to generate more income for the Government coffers

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