The Source Currently Evaluates To an Error. How to Solve it?

To solve this error, check all the named ranges and see if you have used the correct named ranges in the formula. 

When you try to create a data validation using some formula and you notice an error pop up "The Source currently evaluates to an error. Do you want to continue?". In this article, we will learn why this error pops up and how we can solve it.

Why this error?

The error clearly states that the source to which the formula refers evaluates some error. It means either the formula is incorrect or it refers to some cell or range that returns an error.

Let's give an example. Assuming that we want to create a cascading data validation.

We want excel to show a list of regions in the region cells and in the shop cells, we want to show a list of shops from a selected region.

For regions, we simply select the range for drop down. But to be able to show a list of shops from selected regions only, we will have to use the INDIRECT Function. Before that, you will need to name the ranges that contain shops according to their region.

If you don't name or give reference to B4, we will receive the error notification "The Source currently evaluates to an error. Do you want to continue?"


This is because INDIRECT tries to convert a string into an actual reference. If you give direct reference of a cell that does not contain a name of named range, table of reference string, INDIRECT returns #REF error. This is why we are getting this error.

So first we need to name all the ranges of shops. Once you have named all ranges correctly and have the exact same name in the first drop down list then the error will disappear.

See, now the drop down works fine without any problem. 

Other reasons for this error can be formulas or references used in conditional formatting or data validations that refer to other errors. So you need to be careful while using named ranges. You should use exact names of tables and ranges to avoid this error.

I hope this article helped you, if you have any doubts regarding this article or any other topic, ask us in the comments section below. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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  1. Shushant Goel

    In ur example of Region and shop,I am not able to "to name all the ranges of shops." Please try to show it with the help of screenshots.I am getting the same error message "The Source currently evaluates to an error. Do you want to continue?"
    Remaining things are working.Please help.

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