"You've Entered Too Few Arguments For This Function" Excel Error and How to Solve It?

You may have observed the "You've Entered Too Few Arguments For This Function" error while using Excel. This happens when you don't provide all the mandatory arguments to the a function in an Excel formula.

Possible Scenarios 

Case 1: For example, if I want to sum all the numbers in the range A2:A10 with a condition that the numbers should be greater than 50. Then of course I will use the SUMIF function. So what if I write this formula:




Will this work? No

A SUMIF formula requires three arguments, the Criteria range, criteria and sum range. The sum range is optional if the sum range and criteria range is the same. Hence the SUMIF function requires at least two arguments. We have provided only 1. That is why we are getting ""You've Entered Too Few Arguments For This Function" error.

Case 2: But this is not the mistake that you can make. So, will the below formula work?

=SUMIF(A2:A10  ">50")

Normally, this will not work either. This will return the same "Few argument error". Why? In  Excel the default argument separator is comma (,) that we have missed here. It happens sometimes that we miss the list separator in formulas or use a different list separator which is not accepted in Excel. 

Excel will treat the above formula arguments as one argument. Hence again we have not supplied enough arguments to the function, resulting in error.

So the correct formula will be,


Case 3: Will the above formula work? Normally, yes. It will work. But in special cases, it might not work.

If your computer has a different list separator like semicolon, colon or even space, this formula might not work. See the image below. I have all the required arguments but I am getting an unexpected error.

This is because I have changed the list separator in my system. To change the list separator on your computer, do this.

  • Open the running window (you can use Windows+R shortcut key). Here, type "intl.cpl" (without quotes) and hit the enter key.
  • A regional window will open. In the bottom right corner of the window you will see a button "Additional Settings. Click on it.
  • Now go to the list separator text box and write "," comma or reset to default.
    This will make Excel recognize the comma as a list separator and you will not get the "Too few arguments error".

    Now if you try the same formula, it will not throw any error and you will get the correct answer.

    So yeah guys, this is how you can make the "Too Few Arguments" error go. I hope this article will help you. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this topic or have a query related to Excel/VBA, please ask in the comments section below I will be happy to know them.

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