How do I Insert a Check Mark in Excel 2010

When you are developing your checklist, you may want to actually put a check mark into a cell or enable other users to do so. There are several ways you can go about doing this. This involves changing the font applied to a cell and then typing the character you want in the cell.

To manually enter check mark in a cell

    • Enter small ‘a’ in cell



  • Change the font to Webdings



If you need the checkmark to appear in multiple cells, then you can format the entire column with a webdings font and thus enable the user or yourself to enter the checkmark in multiple rows of that column. You just need to enter “a” in the cells and the checkmark will appear.

Another method to enter a check mark is to click on the Insert menu on the Ribbon ? Click on Symbols as shown in the below picture:



Select Wingdings Font & scroll down to the last where you will find the checkmark or checkbox box& click on Insert and select the Wingdings Font in the Home tab of the Ribbon



Alternatively, you can select the Symbols window & then enter 252 in the Character code box.

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