How to use the ROWS function in Excel

In this article, we will learn about how to use ROWS function in Excel.

The ROWS function returns the number of rows in an array or cell reference in Excel. Unlike ROW function which returns the particular row number of the cell reference.


Let’s run some tests on using the ROWS function Excel
As you can see, we selected 3 rows in the array. So it returns 3 as answer.
As you can see here the array has only 1 row & 3 columns. So it returns 1 the count of rows in the array.
Here we selected a little larger array to get the count the
Press Enter
As you can see the count of rows in the above array is 21.
You can use the ROWS function in Excel without using cell references.
Excel will read this like array has 2 rows and 3 columns. The values along the columns are separated using commas (,) and values of different rows separated using semicolon(;) like shown below.
You can use the ROWS function with other excel functions.

As you can see from the above examples that how to use ROWS function in Excel.

Hope you understood how to use the ROWS function in Excel. Explore more articles on Excel cell reference function here. Please state your queries in the comment box below.

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