How to use the AVEDEV function in Excel

In this article, we will learn about How to use the AVEDEV Function in Excel.

The average deviation of a set of values is calculated by taking the mean and then specific difference between each score and that mean without regard to whether the score is above or below the mean. It is also called as average absolute deviation. Below mentioned is the formula to calculate the average deviation.

AVEDEV function returns a number which is the Average deviation of the set of data in Excel.

=AVEDEV(number1, [number2],...)

Let’s understand this function using it in an example.
Here we have a list of values and we need to get the Average deviation from the mean of numbers.
Use the formula:


As you can see the formula returns 14.8.
This must be confusing but the below explanation will make you understand better.
Take the average of the values.
Use the formula:


As you can see, we got the average of the numbers, in the snapshot above.
Now we will take the deviation of the numbers from the average value. Deviation of a number from the array is calculated by taking its difference from the AVERAGE of array.

= $A$18 - A2

Now take the absolute value of the deviation values.
Use the formula:


Take the average of the values.
Use the formula:


This is the explanation for the function AVEDEV function in Excel.

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