How to use EXACT Function in Excel

The EXACT function in excel compares to strings or cells to tell if they are exactly the same. If they are same, you’ll get TRUE, else FALSE. Yes you can do the same using comparison operator (=) but it’s not case sensitive. EXACT is case sensitive.

Syntax of EXACT Function

=EXACT(text1, text2)

text1, text2: These are the texts that you want to compare.

EXACT Function

To compare text in Cell A2 and B2, write this formula:

=EXACT(A2, B2)

To compare two text directly, which is not practical, anyway write this formula.

=EXACT(“ABC”, “abc”)

This will return false. As first one is in capitals and other is in smalls.

So yeah guys, this how you use EXACT function. Their nothing more to say about this function. Leave your thoughts in comments section below.

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