How to add Decimal Hours to Time

As we know that the date and time in excel are nothing but numbers. These numbers are formatted in such a way that they tell the exact time and date.

The problem arises when we try to add numeric or decimal time to a time formatted value. You can't just add them using the sum operator or function. Here's how you add decimal hours to time.

The generic formula for adding decimal hours:

=Time+ (Hours/24)




Time: It is the time to which you want to add hours.

Hours: Number of hours you want to add.

Let's see an example:

In the snapshot above, we are trying to add 6 hours to time 3:35 PM, it should be 9:35 but it is not returning so. 1 hour in excel is equal to 1/24. It is explained here in detail. So we use the generic formulas mentioned above and try again.

The formula will be:




This will return the correct time.

How does it work?

As I said time in excel is not time but numbers. 1 day is equal to 1, 1 hour is equal to 1/24, 1 minute is equal to 1/24/60, and so on. I have explained the time and date in excel in detail here.

So when we want to add 6 decimal number and we directly add 6, it adds 6 days to the time. But when we add 6/24, it adds 6 hours to the time.

When we use the TIME function for adding hours in excel, the TIME function takes the first number and converts to hours and the sum operator sums the time to a given time.

This is it. Now you know how you can add decimal hours to a given time and get the correct resultant time. I hope it was explanatory. If you have any doubts regarding this article or any other excel/VBA related topic, ask me in the comments section below.

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