The MID Function in Excel

The Excel MID function is used to extract text from mid of a string. Basically n number of characters from a given index in string.

=MID(text, start_num, num_of_chars)

MID Function Example
If you know from which position how many characters are needed to extract simply use MID function.

The below formula will extract city code 110094.


Here text is “AVD110094Delhi”.
Start_num is 4 since city code starts from 4th position.
Num_of_chars is 6 because city code is 6 characters long.
Here we knew how many characters are there and from which position they start. What if we don’t know this? Next example illustrates another amazing use of MID function.
Extract First Name Using Excel MID Function
Generic Formula to Extract First Name in Excel 2016

=MID(text,1,SEARCH(“ “,text)-1)

I have this table. Now, I want to extract first name from column C.
To extract first name write this MID formula and drag it down:

=MID(C2,1,SEARCH(” “,C2)-1)

Here, we knew the starting point (start_num) for first name but didn’t knew the number of characters in first name.
So we took SEARCH function’s help to find the “space” (“ ”) in text.
Then we subtracted 1 to exclude that space from extracted text. Simple.
Extract Last Name Using Excel MID Function
Generic Formula to Extract Last Name in Excel 2016


Here we don’t know the start_num nor the num_chars.

To find start_num we took help of SEARCH function.
We don’t know the number of characters to extract. And we don’t need to. We will just use LEN function. It will give the length of the string. Hence it will return all the characters remaining after start_num.

TRIM is used to delete the space before the text.

So, yeah! MID function is simply a text extraction function. But as they say a sword is as powerful as the knight.

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