How to Protect an Excel Sheet

Sometimes we want our sheets to be view only. We don't want the user to make any change to some specific sheet. In that case, we should protect or say lock our sheets for the editing. Luckily, excel provides these features in the Review section of the ribbon.

How to protect an Excel sheet with a password?

It is useless (in most cases) to protect a sheet, without a password. Anyone can go to the Review section and unprotect your protected sheet easily.  Follow these steps to put a password on an Excel sheet.

  • Go to Review, and click on the Protect Sheet. Protect sheet dialog will open.
  • On the top of the dialog box, it asks for a password. Type the password and hit OK. It will again ask you for the same password to ensure you have entered the intended password. Enter the same password again.

  • Hit ok.

Note: The password is case sensitive always.

Now the sheet is protected. If you try to write anything on the sheet, Excel won't allow you. But you can still select and copy data. We restrict that too.

Restricting User from Copying Data from Excel Sheet

When you click on Protect Sheet, the dialog box opens. This dialog box has a list with heading as "Allow all users of this worksheet to:". This list contains the task the user can do. Every checked item can be performed by the user, even if the sheet is protected.

Now, if you want the user to not be able to select and copy any data:

  • Uncheck the "select locked cells" and "select unlocked cells" option. (by default, only these options are checked)

Now the user can only view this sheet.  Users can't select any cell or do anything on this sheet.

So yeah guys, this how you can protect or lock your excel sheets. I hope it was helpful. If you have any doubt or specific query related to protecting sheet or any Excel/VBA related query, ask in the comments section below.

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