Protecting Workbooks with a Digital Signature

MS-Excel 2013 allows you to add the digital signature to the workbook files. After checking the spreadsheet and verifying all the details, with the digital signature we can confirm if we are the authorized person for the same.

Let’s understand with the simple exercise how we can protect our workbook with the digital signature.

We have a workbook, in which we have comparison of prices from the different vendors and basis that we will choose the vendor to purchase the gift.

image 1


After selecting the vendor, this document needs to be signed by the authorized person. Follow below given steps to protect the sheet with the digital signature:

  • Select the vendor
  • For the confirmation add digital signature
  • Go to INSERT tab
  • Click on “Add a Signature Line” under the Test group
  • Signature setup dialog box will appear
  • Enter the name in Suggested Signer box

image 2


  • Enter title in Suggested Signer’s title (optional)

image 3


  • Enter title in Suggested Signer’s e-mail address (Optional)

image 4


  • Click OK
  • We can see the Signature line at the end of document

image 5


  • Save the file and close it
  • To add the signature you need a digital ID

image 6


  • Whenever you will open the file, you will get a pop-up of Signatures

In this way we can protect workbooks with a digital signature in Microsoft Excel.

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  1. What is my option if an Excel sheet needs to be signed by more than one person? What is the point if one person signs it and the file is locked for editing,
    There should be an option not to alter the content and signature except by the creator and add additional signatures. Currently my organisation relies on Adobe.

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