Protecting Sheets / Cells in Microsoft Excel

You can protect the content of cells from being changed and/or hide the formulas of cells from being viewed.

Conditions for protecting cells

  • The cell must be locked (in the Format Cells dialog box, Protection tab).
  • The sheet must be protected.

Conditions for hiding text/formula in the Formula bar

  • The cell must be hidden (in the Format Cells dialog box, Protection tab).
  • The sheet must be protected.


  1. I created a workbook with different sheets within it. Each sheet is for a different department. Is there a way that I can e-mail just the sheet and not the whole workbook?? Or is there a way to have a different password to view each tab?? Either of these would work. I need help fast!

  2. I created a Data Validation scroll-down list in MS Excel 2002, and locked it and then protected the sheet, and I can select fine from the list. But when I open the file in 2002 version and try to select from the scroll-down list, a pop-up appears which says the cell is protected and is unchangeable. How can I get a scroll-down list to work in 2002 even while the ability to actually type into that cell is restricted?

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