Protect and Unprotect Workbooks in Microsoft Excel

In this Excel tip we will learn how to unprotected excel and how to remove password from excel file

Sometimes to protect our confidential workbook from other users we secure it through the password, and when we want to send it to somebody else to use the same data we can unprotected it too. There are so many password crackers but still we try to protect our confidential file.

Let’s take an example to understand how to unprotected Excel.

To unprotect to password protected workbook  follow below given steps:-

  • When we open the Excel then we have to enter password to unprotect the sheet.

image 1


  • After the entering the password in password option. Again you have to enter the password for write access in the workbook

image 2


To remove the password follow below given steps:

  • We need to save as the file.
  • Press the key F12 to Save As command.

image 3


  • Then clear both the passwords from the option as showing in the below image.

image 4


  • Click on OK.
  • Save the file.

This is the way we can remove password from Excel and unprotect the Excel sheet.



  1. Thank you JR, what I want is if another people copy the sheet 1 (with proctection) and paste to sheet 2, the protection is still on

  2. I protected sheet 1. Then I copy sheet 1 to sheet 2, sheet 2 is not protected. Anyway that if they copy to sheet 2 is still protecting.

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