Resetting last used cell

Do you ever get reams of paper printing at the end of your worksheet?  Even if users have deleted their empty rows that they no longer use, when they hit CTRL+END to get to the bottom of their sheet there are still lots of blank cells.

It's easy to rectify this -

First, you need to delete all rows below your data (CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW) and all columns to the right of your data  (CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW)  to ensure there is no formatting left behind.

If you hit CTRL+END at this point will still bring you to your previous last used cell.  So you need to save your workbook, and your last used cell will be exactly where it should be.

Pressing CTRL+END now will take you to the ‘real’ end of your data.

So now when you print, it will print only the data section of your file and no blank rows.

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