Adding Groups and Outlines Manually in Microsoft Excel 2010

To group and summarize the data, we can create an outline up to eight levels in the data list. To expose the detail for each group, use an outline to display summary rows and columns quickly in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Outline: -An Outline helps to separate the top level and details. It is easy to create an Outline, using Auto Outline option in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Group: - This is used to automatically create the outline or groups of rows and columns.

To create the Outline manually, follow the below given steps:-

  • Open in-built marketing budget plan in Excel workbook.
  • Go to File tab, and click on New.
  • New window will appear.
  • Click on Budget in Suggested Searches.


  • Search Marketing Budget plan.
  • Choose any one template.


  • Management budget plan’s Excel file will get open.
  • Select the cell A5:A10 to add the groups and outline manually.


  • Press Alt+Shift+Right Arrow on your keyboard.
  • Repeat this technique to each group.
  • Group dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Rows, and then click on OK.


  • that groups will be created as per the row, the column and the header as well.
    To create the group, follow below given steps:-
  • Select the data range where you want to make the group.


  • Go to Data tab and click on group from the Outline group.


  • Group will be made. When you will click on level, selected data will be hidden. To unhide the data, again click on 2.

To clear the outline, follow below given steps:-

  • Select the same rows and columns where you want to clear the outline.
  • Press the Alt+Shift+Left arrow key on your keyboard.


  • Ungroup dialog box will appear.
  • To clear all the outlines and groups, repeat this technique to each group.

This is the way by which you can add groups and outlines manually in Microsoft Excel.


  1. "From the ""Data"" menu, select ""Group and Outline""
    - Select ""Settings"" Here you can tick the box to display subtotals below or above. If you now use any way to group the data (key combo, through the ""Data/Group and Outline/Group"" menu or through the arrows on the ""Pivot Table"" toolbar), the subtotal will always display at the position specified in the settings. "

  2. I too would like to be able to "reverse" the grouping, so that the "summary row" is at the top of the group. This method is more useful to cases where you want to "roll up" some data to just show the top row. Nothing seems to work though, after I try to select rows from bottom to top, etc. Any other way to do this -- Macros? VB?

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