Hiding - Unhiding a Rows or Columns in Excel 2010

While working on Microsoft Excel, many a time, it happens that you want to remove a row but you do not want to delete it permanently. We can hide the rows and then to use we can unhide the rows in Microsoft Excel.

In excel 2010, there are two ways to hide or unhide rows in excel. You can use the keyboard or the mouse for these actions. Both the processes are given below and these steps will make it easier for you to understand do your work faster.

How to hide the rows?

Hiding rows using mouse:-

  • Select the entire rows which you want to hide
  • Right click on the selected rows
  • Click on hide
  • The selected rows will be hidden from the file view




How to unhide Excel rows?

Unhiding rows in Excel using mouse:-

  • Select the row above and below the hidden row(s)
  • Right click on the selected row(s)
  • Click on unhide
  • The row in between the selected rows will be visible again in the worksheet.




Hiding rows using keyboard:-

  • Select the entire row which you want to hide
  • Press CTRL+9
  • Selected row will be hidden from the view




Unhiding rows using keyboard:- 1

  • Select the cells containing the range of the hidden row(s)
  • Press CTRL + Shift + 9
  • Select the rows visible in the file


In this way we can unhide cells in excel.

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