Opening/Closing a Workbook(s)

Using keyboard shortcuts

Opening a Workbook

To open a new workbook:
Press Ctrl+N.
To open a recently saved workbook:
Press Alt+F and then the number of the file, as shown in the recently used file list (at the bottom of the File menu).
To open a linked workbook:
1. Select the cell with the linked formula, and press Ctrl+[.
1. From the Edit menu, select Links.
2. In the Edit Links dialog box, select the linked workbook and click Open Source.

To prevent a macro from running while opening a workbook:
Press the Shift key while opening.
Closing Workbooks
To close a workbook:
Press Ctrl+F4.

To close all open workbooks without closing Excel:
Press Shift, and from the File menu, select Close All.


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