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If you have ever used data from Yahoo or Google in a data table have you retyped it in, or tried to copy and paste it? It either takes too long or the formatting appears all over the place.  Google is an excellent source of information you can analyze using Excel, I just do not want to retype it or copy it!

You don’t need to to, you can import the data into Excel as long as the data is formatted on the web page as a table.  Here’s how to do it:-

  • Open an excel workbook
  • Data Tab
  • Get External Data
  • From Web
  • Type in the URL of the web page that has your table of information
  • Data Tables will have a yellow arrow next to them
  • Click on the yellow arrow of the data table you want to import
  • Next hit Import
  • Choose the position of the data table in a new or existing workbook
  • Hit Ok

There you go your data table is imported, no fuss, no mess and no re typing!

This is really handy for business statistics for sales trends or any published figures that are readily available on the Internet.

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