How to Use TEXT Function in Excel

The TEXT function in Excel is used to convert numbers into text. The fun part is you can format that number to show it in desired format. For example format a yy-mm-dd date into dd-mm-yy format. Add currency sign before a number and many more.
Syntax of TEXT Function

=TEXT(text, text_format)

Lets see some examples

Convert any date format to DD-MM-YY format

Below text formula converts date format,

=TEXT( date, “DD-MM-YY”)

Add 0 before a Number

Some times you are needed to add 0 before some fixed digit of numbers like phone number or pin number. Use this Text formula to do so…

=TEXT( 1234, “00000”)

If have N digits of number than in text format argument write n+1 0s.

Add Currency Before a Number

Write this text formula to add currency.

=TEXT( 1234, “$0”)

Just remember one thing. Value returned by TEXT function is a text. You can not do number operation on these texts.

And there are many other things you can do with TEXT function of Excel. You just need to sit and spend time with Excel.

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