Convert Text to Numbers in Microsoft Excel

In this article we will learn about how to convert text to numbers in Microsoft Excel.

We all knows that in Excel by default numbers are aligned right side and text are aligned left side to the cell. In this article we will learn how to convert text strings that represent the numbers to numbers.

While importing data into Excel from another software or Internet website, Excel is not able to make any difference in Text & Numeric.

The first indicator of a number that gets converted to Text format is the alignment.

By default, text is left aligned & numbers are right aligned.


To change the text to number, we can use Value Function.

Value: Converts a text string that represents a number to a number

Syntax: =VALUE(text)
To convert number to text, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Enter apostrophe ( ‘ ) in front of the number in cell A2
  • In cell B2, we have shown 1 by taking a cell reference


To convert the text into number, we will use the Value Function.

  • Cell B2=VALUE(A2)


  • We can also make out the cell that contains text rather than number
  • When we click on cell A2, we will see


  • Click on the pointer that pops up


  • Select Convert to Number


  • We will get the number converted from text


Another method to convert text to numbers by using Paste Special command

  • Select the cell containing text
  • Type Ctrl + C to Copy the cell
  • Click on the cell where you want to paste it as value
  • Right click & click on Paste Special
  • Select Values & Add button


  • Click on OK


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