How to Insert Page Numbers in Microsoft Excel 2010

You can insert page numbers so that you can print them on every page in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Let’s take an example and understand how you can insert page numbers in a workbook..

We have data in the range A1:F113. We need to take a printout of this sheet. Every sheet has a limit on the number of rows which will be visible on the printed output, after which the data would be printed on the next page. To take the printed output and put it in sequence we use the “Page Setup” option. Usually this option is used for printing books or large files


To insert page numbers in Microsoft Excel follow the below mentioned steps:-

    • Go to the “Page Layout” tab.
    • In the “Page Setup” group click on the dialog box launcher in the bottom right corner.




    • The Page Setup dialog box will appear.




    • Select the “Header/Footer” tab.
    • In Header or footer drop down menu, few preset options areavailable.You can set Header / Footer to “page 1” or “Page 1 of?where the ? is for the total number of pages.




    • If you need more customized Header/Footers…. Click Custom Header/ Custom Footer.
    • In the dialog box which opens….you will find 3 sections.
      a) Left Section
      b) Right Section &
      c) Center Section
    • In each section you can add
      a) Text
      b) Some predefined data like page number, time, date or file name by clickingon thebuttons provided.
      c) You can add picture/ Company logo also.




  • After finishing all the steps click on ok.
  • When you will take the printout you will get the printed output with the page numbers.

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