Lookup Value with Multiple Criteria

It's easy to look up for value with one unique key in a table. We can simply use the VLOOKUP function. But when you don’t have that unique column in your data and need to lookup in multiple columns to match a value, VLOOKUP doesn’t help.

So, to lookup a value in a table with multiple criteria we will use INDEX-MATCH-INDEX formula.
Generic Formula for Multiple Criteria Lookup

INDEX(lookup_range,MATCH(1, INDEX((criteria1 =range1)*(criteria2=range2)*(criteriaN=rangeN),0,1),0))

lookup_range: Its the range from which you want to retrieve value.

Criteria1, Criteria2, Criteria N: These are the criteria you want to match in range1, range2 and Range N. You can have up to 270 criteria - range pairs.

Range1, range2, rangeN : These are the ranges in which you will match your respective criteria.

How it will work? Let's see…

INDEX and MATCH with Multiple Criteria Example

Here I have a data table. I want to pull the name of the customer using Date of Booking, Builder and Area. So here I have three criteria and one lookup range.
Write this formula in cell I4 hit enter.

=INDEX(E2:E16,MATCH(1, INDEX((I1=A2:A16)*(I2=B2:B16)*(I3=C2:C16),0,1),0))

How it works:
We already know how INDEX and MATCH function work in EXCEL, so i am not going to explain that here. We will talk about the trick we used here.

(I1=A2:A16)*(I2=B2:B16)*(I3=C2:C16): The main part is this. Each part of this statement return an array of true false.
When boolean values are multiplied they return array of 0 and 1. Multiplication works as AND operator. Hense when all value are true only then it returns 1 else 0
(I1=A2:A16)*(I2=B2:B16)*(I3=C2:C16) This altogether will return


Which will translate into


INDEX((I1=A2:A16)*(I2=B2:B16)*(I3=C2:C16),0,1): INDEX Function will return the same array ({0;0;0;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;0;0;0}) to MATCH function as lookup array.

MATCH(1,INDEX((I1=A2:A16)*(I2=B2:B16)*(I3=C2:C16),0,1): MATCH function will look for 1 in array {0;0;0;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;0;0;0}. And will return index number of first 1 found in array. Which is 8 here.

INDEX(E2:E16,MATCH(1,INDEX((I1=A2:A16)*(I2=B2:B16)*(I3=C2:C16),0,1),0)): Finally, INDEX will return value from given range (E2:E16) at found index (8).

Simple????. Sorry, couldn’t make it more simpler.

Array Solution

If you can hit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER consequently then you can eliminate the inner INDEX function. Just write this formula and hit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.


Generic Array Formula for Multiple Criteria Lookup

=INDEX(lookup_range,MATCH(1,(criteria1 =range1)*(criteria2=range2)*(criteriaN=rangeN),0))

Formula works same as above explanation.

I tried my best to explain it as simple as possible. But if I was not clear enough, let me know it in the comment section below. By the way, you don’t need to know how the engine works to drive a car. You just need to know how to drive it. And you know it very well.

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