Filtering by More Than Two Criteria

To filter a List using more than one criteria, use the Advanced Filter:

1. Insert a few empty rows above the List.
2. Copy the heading row List, and paste it into row 1.
3. In row 2, under Customer Name (for example, see the screenshot), enter a Customer Name; under Quantity, enter the criteria.
4. From the Data menu, select Filter, and then Advanced Filter.
5. Select the List range box and insert the List range.
6. Select the Criteria range box and insert the criteria range.
7. Click OK.
Screenshot // Filtering by More Than Two Criteria
Filtering by More Than Two Criteria

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  1. "Is is possible to use advanced filters in a shared workbook? I thought I had it working and invoked it with a macro, but it seems not to be working anymore. Is this just not allowed in shared workbooks?

    Thank you,


  2. F9 will cause your spreadsheet to calculate, if it is set up to calculate manually. To change to automatic calculation: Tools\Options\Calculation

  3. When using the advanced filter to copy to another location, is there any simple way to bring the comments over as well? The advanced filter is such an amazing feature, but if I can't bring the comments over too, I might as well do it all another way in VBA anyway, bummer, I was soooo happy about all this

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