Searching for text in Microsoft Excel

In this article we will learn how we can search for specific text, numbers, and formulas in current worksheet and all worksheets of a workbook by using the key “CTRL + F”. You can replace text, formulas, and numbers by using the key “CTRL + H”.

Find by using the key “CTRL + F”

    • In the workbook press the key “CTRL + F”, the “FIND and REPLACE” dialog box willappear.




    • Type “Texas” in the “FIND WHAT” box. Then click on the “Options>>” button. A set of options will appear.Choose the required options.




  • To find the text in the worksheet, select workbook from the “WITHIN” drop down list. You can opt to search by Rows or by Columns. And if you want to look within formulas, values or comments, etc. Then click on “FIND ALL”.




Find All will show you all the results at once. However, if you want to view one result at a time, you need to click on Find Next. Keep clicking on Find Next till all the results have been obtained.


Replace by using the key “CTRL + H”

    • In the workbook press the key “CTRL + H”. The “FIND and REPLACE” dialog box will appear, inwhich you have to define the “FIND WHAT” and “REPLACE WITH” parameters.




  • Let’s say you want to replace “New York” with “Washington”
  • So write “New York” in the “Find what” box and “Washington” in the “Replace with” box. Click on “Replace All”.




Once the data has been replaced, you will get a popup mentioning the number of replacements. You can also see that the replacements have been performed on the data set. If there was no replacement done, it will mention that as well.

You can also use the search and find functions to find text or numbers on a worksheet.

There are few more examples:-

image 48

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