Wildcard to delete cells through VBA

While we work with raw data on Excel, we often look for data that match criteria and delete every other data that does not match the given criteria. In this article, we will learn how to get rid of values that do not meet our criteria.

If you come across a situation in which you do not want to delete all the cells instead you want to delete data that does not contain specific text then you should read this article. So without getting into theory let's directly jump to the example.

Example : Delete Every Cell in A range except Cells Containing "ABC"

I have created the data below to illustrate the process.

image 1


We need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Developer tab
  • From the Code group select Visual Basic

image 2


Enter the following code in the standard module


Sub DeleteCells()

Dim criteriarange As Range

Dim criteriacell As Range

Set criteriarange = Range("A1:B5")

For Each criteriacell In criteriarange

If Not criteriacell.Value Like "*ABC*" Then


End If

Next criteriacell

End Sub

image 3


  • As we run the macro we will get the following output



How does it work?

In this code we are simply clearing the content from the cells that does not match the pattern in the text. So here we have four important lines.

Set criteriarange = Range("A1:B5")

For Each criteriacell In criteriarange

If Not criteriacell.Value Like "*ABC*" Then


End If

The first line is setting the the range in which we want to delete values that do not match our criteria. It is A1:B5.

Now we iterate through each cell in the specified range. To check if the cell contains the text ABC, we use the Like operator, that is used to match patterns in VBA. If the cell contains the text "ABC" the statement returns falls as we have used Not operator and nothing happens. If the cell contains the given pattern, it returns true and the next statement executes that clears the cell content.

The * (astrick) sign is very important. As it is used tell excel that text can have any number of characters in it. You can read about wildcards in excel here.

So yeah guys, this is how you can delete cell content that does not match the given criteria. I hope I was explanatory enough. If you have any doubt regarding this article, I will be happy to answer your queries down below in the comments section below.


image 48

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