Home Tab in Microsoft Excel

What is Home tab and its uses?

Home tab contains the most frequently used options such as cut-copy-paste, font formatting, alignment, Number, Conditional formatting, etc. All the options are used to format the data.

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Under the Home tab, we have 7 groups:-

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a)    Clipboard: - This group contains frequently used commands: Cut, Copy, Paste and Format painter. Clipboard option allows us to collect text and graphic items and paste it.

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b)    Font: - We use this option to change the font style and font-size. We can make it bold, italic and underline. Also, this group contains border styles, fill color, font color.

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c)    Alignment: - We use this option to change the alignment of cell’s text to the right, left and middle. Also, we can subject the text to top, bottom, and middle alignment. In this group, we have Wrap text option to adjust and make the text visible within a cell, and we can also merge 2 or more cells, using merge option.

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d)    Number: - We use this option to change the number formatting into General, Percentage, Currency, Date, Time, Fraction etc. We can increase and decrease the decimal and convert the number into accounting number.

image 6


e)    Styles: - In this option, we have Conditional Formatting, Format as Table and Cell Styles. Conditional formatting is used to highlight the cell or range on the basis of conditions. Format as table is having readymade table format and Cell styles feature different types of built-in styles that are a combination of Font style, Font color and Fill color.

image 7


f)    Cells: - We use this option to insert or delete cells, rows, columns and sheets. Also, we have format option to adjust the height, width of cells or range. Using this option, we can hide or unhide the range, protect the workbook, rename the sheet name, fill the tab color, move or copy to sheets, lock the cells.

image 8


g)    Editing: - This option has Auto Sum feature to return the total of numbers and move the text to right, left, up and down, Clear the format, content, comments and hyperlink; sort the data and find and select option.

image 9




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  1. I have a very simple request. Apparently I am alone in the whole wide world of Excel 365 users or I am missing a simple instruction. Will you kindly tell me how to get the Home tab to remain visible!? I don't need to have to select it again after each operation. Thank you so much.

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