Excel Pivot Table Calculated Field

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In this article we will learn how to add a calculated field in excel 2010.

“PIVOT TABLE” is used for summarizing a large amount of data without using any formulas, it makes the data easy to read with flexibility.

Let’s take an example to understand how to add a calculated field in PIVOT TABLE

I have a “PIVOT TABLE” where Column A contains the products, column B sum of total revenue and column C the net revenue. I need to show the expenses amount in the “PIVOT TABLE”. To add the data field in the “PIVOT TABLE”follow the below mentioned steps:-




    • Select a cell in the “PivotTable” report, and from the “PivotTable” toolbar, click onthe PivotTable icon, the contextual menu in the ribbons will get activated.
    • Go to the “Analyze” tab, in the “Calculations” group, select “Calculated Field” fromthe “Field, Items & Sets” drop down list.
    • The dialog box will appeared, type “Expenses Amount”as the name of the new field in the “Name” box.




  • In the “Field” box select “Total Revenue” and click on “Insert Field” type the minus (-) sign in the “Formula” tab. You can also double click on the items in the Fields box and it will directly appear in the Formula box.
  • Select “Net Revenue” from the “Field” box and click on “Insert Field”.
  • Click on ok.




This will add the Expenses Amount as another field in the pivot table.

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One thought on “Excel Pivot Table Calculated Field

  1. Hi
    When I insert formula in calculated field A – B, A is task end time, B is task start time. But showing zero in added field in pivot table.

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