How to Sum Stock Lists in Excel

In this article, we will learn How to Sum Stock Lists in Excel.

Stock lists in Excel

Stocks are bought daily by many people. Handling and keeping its data is very crucial as it holds the total profit or loss. The profit or loss of any stock can be called as square off or spread. Each stock is bought on two basis Quantity and price of each stock. There are two ways to get the total spread or square off. Let's understand how to handle stock lists in Excel

SUM and PRODUCT formula

Calculate each stock multiplying the quantity and price/stock and taking the sum for different stocks.


SUMPRODUCT gives you the total bought price and current price for the bought stocks. Let's understand both formulas using these in an example.

Example :

All of these might be confusing to understand. Let's understand how to use the function using an example. Here we have 5 stocks with their quantity, bought price/stock, current price/stock.

First we calculate ACC stocks bought for the data in the E4 cell.

Use the formula:


As you can see the total stock price spent on ACC. Now you can copy and paste this formula in E4 to further cells just by using Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (Paste) or just by drag and drop the formula picking the box on the bottom right corner of the E4 cell.

Now you can clearly see the amount spent on all stocks. Just get the Sum of all these values to get the total buying stocks.

Secondly we calculate the current price of the bought stocks. It means if we decide to sell at these prices.

Now we will use the same PRODUCT formula for the current price of ACC stocks in the F4 cell.

Use the formula:


In the above snapshot it is clearly visible the current price of stocks.

Now get the difference for all stocks in the Spread column

Use the formula:


The amount in ( ) denotes the value is negative, it's just a currency format. Don't get confused. Now just get the sum to get the

Alternative Solution

The above process is used when you need to know the statistics for all different stocks. But you need to know the Statistics of the whole data, Use the SUMPRODUCT formula.

Use the formula:


Now you can see in the above snapshot the total stock bought price.

Similarly we can calculate the total current price for the same stocks.

It's clearly visible if stocks are sold there is clearly some profit.

Get the difference of the two get the total profit

Here are all the observational notes using the SUM formulas in Excel
Notes :

  1. The formula only works for the numbers.
  2. The length of arrays in the SUMPRODUCT function must be the same or else the function throws an error.

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  1. "Are you using the data in the example above?

    If so, please can you post back with EXACTLY what you see in the formula bar in Excel (should start with an open curly bracket { as above), and what result you are getting. "

  2. "I totally follow the instructions above but my results are
    not as same as showed. The Part do not sum for all item, but sum only for the certain row.
    What shold I do, I am assigned to prepare a worksheet which have the result of sum of each product like this.
    Your advices would be so much meaning..."

  3. A superb little trick that I had forgotten how to do - one of those useful tips that saves loads of file space and makes it easier to understand the calculation.

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