Excel Delete Blank Rows

In this article we are going to learn how to remove blank rows in Excel?

To delete empty rows, we can use ‘Sort’ option and ‘Go To Special’ option in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Sort:-This option is available in the Data Tab under the Sort & Filter group.

Go To Special: - This option is used for quickly directing to different cells in Excel.

Shortcut: F5 and Ctrl+G

Command button: Home>Find & Select >Go to Special

Let’s take an example to understand how we can delete empty rows.

We have data in range C1:C18 where column A contains name in which some cells are blank. Now, we want to delete the blank cells.


To delete the blank rows we use ‘Go to Special’, follow below given steps:-

  • Select the range C1:C18.
  • Press the key F5 on your keyboard.


  • ‘Go To’ dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Special, and ‘Go To Special’ dialog box will appear.


  • Click on Blanks, and then click on ok.
  • Only blank cells have been selected.
  • Press Ctrl+- on your keyboard.
  • Delete dialog box will appear.


  • Click on Shift cells up, and click on ok.
  • All blank cells will get delete.


Let’s take another example to understand how we can delete data through sorting.

We have data in range A1:B14 where column A contains Agent’s name and column B contains Revenue ($).


To delete the blank rows, we sort the data.

  • Select the one cell from data.
  • In the Data tab, select Sort, and Sort Options dialog box will appear.


  • Select Revenue ($) in Sort by Column.


  • In Sort on column, select Values.


  • In order column, select largest to smallest.


  • Click on OK.
  • Blanks cells will get collate in the down.


  • Select the row 12, 13, and 14 by pressing the key Shift+Space Bar on your keyboard.


  • To delete the rows, press the key Ctrl+Minus sign (-).


  • Rows will get delete.

These are the ways we can delete the empty rows in Microsoft Excel.


  1. If you want to delete blank lines, but I want everything else to remain in the same order. To accomplish this, add a new column to test the values in the column of data. For example, =IF(B1="","A","B") will calculate a value of "A" if the data is blank, "B" if it has data. Copy this to all cells for the length of the data (doing this in the entire column will give you many more blank lines than you desire). You can then sort the data, using the calculated field (Ascending values). This will put all blank lines first, where you can delete them. The remaining data will be in its original order.

  2. If you do not want do use SORT or FORMULAS, type in a blank column anything you want and than fill all rows until the end of the sheet (end of data). Then select first row of data and aplly the Auto Filter. Now if you choose 'BLANKS' in filter option it will display only blank cells (Rows). Now you may select the rows and delete them.

  3. "How to delete bllank/empty rows in excel?
    Filter does not work due to empty rows so I want to delete them in one attempt.
    How to do that?"

  4. "Before sorting your list to delete empty rows that are buried in it, do this:
    1. Unmerge any cells in your range of data.
    2. Insert a column to the left of your data and input this formula [ =IF(B1"""",COUNTA($B$1:B1)&"""","""")]
    into the first row in that column(ex: A1). Then fill down in the column to the last row containing data. This operation will number only the rows with data in column B.
    3. Then sort by column A. Your data will remain in its original order but all the empty rows will now be grouped together so that you can delete them."

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