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Formula to Find MAX Value Based on Multiple Criteria in Microsoft Excel

If you want to find max value with two or more columns with regards to output in a single or multiple columns then this tutorial is for you. In this article, we will learn how to find maximum value based on multiple criteria in Excel 2010.

Question): I have couple of data sets. In first example, data comprising of 4 columns & formula needs to check 3 conditions from their respective columns. The second example contains 7 columns of data; the formula is needed to check the first two columns & if the criteria are met. After that, the formula should return maximum value from the rest of 5 columns. We will discuss couple of examples with different data sets.

In first example; we want to get the value based on given conditions.

Following is the snapshot of data we have:


We will use a combination of MAX & IF functions to get the result.

  • In cell D18, the formula is
  • {=MAX(IF((A2:A13=A18)*(B2:B13=B18)*(C2:C13=C18),D2:D13))}

Note: This is an array formula; CTRL + SHIFT = ENTER keys must be pressed together


Example 2

In second example, we want to get the max value meeting all the conditions.




This time we will use a combination of MAX & INDEX functions.

  • In cell D15, the formula is
  • =MAX(INDEX((B3:B14=B15)*(C3:C14=C15)*




In this way we can find out the maximum value, meeting the specific conditions.


Download - Formula to find MAX value based on multiple criteria - xlsx

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