How To Remove Personal Information From A Workbook In Microsoft Excel 2010

If you are sharing your workbook with others then you should review the workbook for personal information or hidden data that may be stored & later on reveal the important information like company name, author, etc. As this information is more than sufficient for other person to figure out the kind of work is going on, in short to secure the data to be shared publicly, you may want to remove the hidden information each time you share the workbook with other person.

If your workbook is saved as a shared workbook you cannot remove comments, annotations, document properties and personal information. To get rid of this information from a shared workbook, unshared the workbook.

In this article we will let you understand how the Document Inspector feature in Excel can help you in removing hidden data and personal information in your workbooks.

To prevent this information from a workbook being shared publicly with other people you can follow the below steps:

  • Click on File ribbon
  • Select Info
  • Click on Check for Issues & select Inspect Document


  • The Document Inspector window will appear on the screen
  • Click on Inspect button


  • Click on Remove All


  • You can review the Document Inspector result is as follows:


  • Click on Close

The next time you will open the workbook you will not find personal information.

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