How to use Goal Seek function in Microsoft Excel

In this article, we will learn how to use Goal Seek function in Excel 2016.

Goal Seek function is a tool of What-if-analysis used to get the desired output by setting a value in a cell and receiving change in the dependent variable.

I will not confuse you anymore. Let’s understand this with an example here.

Here we have 2 columns:

    • Students name
    • And their scores

We need to find the average of the scores.

Use the formula to find the average


Here we don’t know the scores of Dan. So we use Goal seek function by setting the overall Average score.

We will set the average to 60.

Go to Data > What-if-Analysis > Goal Seek
Goal seek dialog box appears which is like the snapshot shown below.
Set Cell: FIxing the cell where the average value which is D2.
To value: The value we are fixing is 60 here.
By changing cell: Dan’s score needs to be matching the overall average which is B10.

Press Ok and you will get Dan’s score.
Goal seek function finds a solution and shows with Goal seek Status.

Hope you understood how to use Goal seek function inm Excel 2016. Goal seek function also works in 2010 and 2013 Excel. Find more articles on Goal seek function here. Please share your query below in the comment box. We will assist you.

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