How to use Countif Function in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article we will learn about how and where we can use the Countif function in Microsoft Excel.

Consider a scenario in which we are required to count the data based on specific criteria in multiple columns.

Let’s take an example:

    • Column A has some data like Pen, Pencil, etc.
    • The regions are given in column B:E i.e. North, East, West, South as shown in the below picture.


  • We need to count the data based on a single criteria in multiple columns.
  • Criteria is to count the item which costs more than $ 5
  • In cell F2 we need to count the number of items which are more than $5.
  • To get the result,the formula in cell F2 will be=COUNTIF(B2:E2,">5").
  • Copy the formula to cells F3:F10.
  • This is how our output will look like -


Countif: Counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given condition.

Syntax =COUNTIF(range,criteria)

Let us take another example:

    • Now we want to find out the number of stationery items which costs exactly $ 5


    • To calculate the number of items costs $ 5 we will use the Countif Function
    • We will enter the formula in cell F2=COUNTIF(B2:E2,5)
    • We will get the desired result below


  • Copy the formula from cell F2 to range F3:F10.
  • The result we get are 3 i.e. Sharpener & Pencils cost $ 5.

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