Sorting by Custom Lists in Excel

We all know how to sort the data in Microsoft Excel. But few Excel experts don’t know how to sort the data by custom list.

In this tutorial, you will learn how we can create the custom list in Excel and then how we use it to sort the data.

What is Custom list?

Excel has frequently used sorting options, but Excel allows us to create the sorting list as per our requirement.

Let’s take an example and understand how we can make the custom sort list and how we can use it.

We have data in range A1:B24 in which column A contains Agents' name and column B contains Revenue. In this data set, we want to put custom filter for the Agent name and then sort it.

To create the list, we retrieve the unique names:-

Follow below given steps:-

• Copy the names from list and paste in other column.
image 1
• Select the name range of column D.
• Go to Data Tab > Data tools > Remove duplicates
• We will have only unique list.
image 2
Note: - We can also use Advance filter option to retrieve the unique list.
image 3
How to store custom list?

Follow below given steps:-
• Select the name range of unique list (D2:D18).
• Click on File button.
image 4
• Click on options, and ‘Excel Options’ dialog box will appear.


image 5


• Click on Popular and then, in the right side, Click on Edit Custom list.
image 7
• ‘Custom Lists’ dialog box will appear.

• Click on Import, and all the entries will display in List Entries.
• Click on Add button, and then click on OK.
image 9
How to implement or use custom list in the sheet?
• Select one of the cells in the list.
• In the Data tab, select Sort, and ‘Sort Options’ dialog box will appear.
image 10
• Sort by Agent’s name in Column.
image 11
• In order, sort by Custom List.
image 12
• ‘Custom List’ dialog box will appear. Now, click the list of agent’s name, and then click on OK.
image 13
• Data will get sorted as per the custom list.
image 14
What we have learnt in this chapter:-
• What is Custom List
• How to create the custom list for sorting
• How we can apply the custom list for sorting
Conclusion: - Whenever we want to sort the data as per our requirement, we can create our own sorting list.


image 48

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