Use Sorting to Delete Blank Rows in Microsoft Excel 2010

Excel sorts data according to specific sort order rules. We can sort the number data as per ascending order and descending order. And sort the text according to alphabets A to Z and Z to A. We can also sort by font color and cell color in Microsoft Excel 2010.

This option is available in the Data Tab under the Sort & Filter group.
Let’s take an example to understand how we can sort the data.

We have data in range A1:B14 in whichcolumn A contains Agent’s name and column B contains Revenue ($).
To delete the blank rows, we sort the data.

  • Select the one cell from data.
  • In the Data tab, select Sort, and Sort Options dialog box will appear.


  • Select Revenue ($) in Sort by Column.


  • In Sort on column, select Values.


  • In order column, select largest to smallest.


  • Click on OK.
  • Blanks cells will get collate in the down.


  • Select the row 12, 13, and 14 by pressing the key Shift+Space Bar on your keyboard.


  • To delete the rows, press the key Ctrl+Minus sign (-).


  • Rows will get delete.

This is the way we can use sorting to delete the blank rows in Microsoft Excel.

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