PivotTable Report - Inserting a Chart in Microsoft Excel 2010

A pivot chart is the graphical representation of pivot table in Excel. Pivot tables & pivot charts are both linked with each other in Microsoft Excel.

Let us take an example:

We have data of three products for five countries.Pivot table report is generated by using data of three products.


  • Click on Insert ribbon to create a pivot table
  • In Chart group, click on Insert column chart option




  • Select 2-D column clustered chart option
  • You need to select the style & color that suit best to you from Design ribbon under Chart Styles group.




  • In case you do not want to view field buttons on the chart.
  • You can hide by going to Analyze ribbon.
  • In Show/Hide group, click once on field buttons to make them disappear.




  • The pivot chart will dynamically update as & when there is any change in the data sheet.


It will be easier to see the big picture when you have data in a huge PivotTable having complex data.


image 48

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