Excel VBA If Then Else Statement

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The Events in Excel VBA | There are seven types of Events in Excel. Each event deals in different scope. Application Event deals with on workbook level. Workbook on sheets level. Worksheet Event on Range level.

The Worksheet Events in Excel VBA |The worksheet event are really useful when you want your macros run when a specified event occurs on the sheet.

Workbook events using VBA in Microsoft Excel | The workbook events work on the entire workbook. Since all the sheets are part of the workbook, these events work on them too.

Prevent an automacro/eventmacro executes using VBA in Microsoft Excel | To prevent the run of auto_open macro use the shift key.

Chart object events using VBA in Microsoft Excel | The Charts are complex objects and there are several components that you attached to them. To make the Chart Events we use the Class module.

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