Prevent that an automacro/eventmacro executes using VBA in Microsoft Excel

If you wish to open a workbook without running an Auto_Open-macro, you can do this by holding the Shift-key
down when you open the file.

If the workbook is password protected, remember to hold the Shift-key down after you have entered the password.
An Auto_Open-macro will not run automatically when you open a workbook from a macro. You will have to remember
to set the method RunAutoMacros to True.

You can prevent an Auto_Close-macro to run by holding the Shift-key down when you close the workbook..
The same applies to all the other auto-macros, hold the Shift-key down to prevent them from running.
In Excel 97 and later, events are used to run macros. Excel 97 and later will also recognize and run the older
auto-macros if they exist. The eventmacros will run before the automacros, e.g. the Workbook_Open eventmacro
will run before the Auto_Open-macro.

In Excel 97 and later you can disable the eventmacros by adding this line to your code:

Application.EnableEvents = False

Remember to set the property back to True so that event macros are enabled again when you are finished.


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