Keyboard shortcut for applying Array

Many Excel users are often required to use array formulas, below note will help to understand how to :-

a) Create an Array formula

b) Convert an existing formula to an Array formula


The keyboard shortcut to apply Array functionality to a formula is :-


Ctrl + Shift + Enter


If you have already entered the formula and now wish to convert the same into an array formula,

Just select the cell, press F2 and press key combination Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

Users are saying about us...

  1. There are some features that the users have to know and one of them is the shortcuts for applying the array functionality. There are some array application users who are not aware of this and they can use the keyboard shortcuts in their work.

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    Creating a shortcut key using Array is interesting to do. Excellent info you discussed. But there is a problem with a printer, when I try a shortcut key to print it doesn't work properly. So I research and with this canon printer error 5200 I solve this problem.

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