Auto-complete data

While working with excel, you would have been thinking if there was an easy way of repeating entries which were previously entered in the column.  The first action you would take is to copy the contents of the previous cells and repeat them in the current cells. If the column is not too long, its fine. But sometimes if the column has loads of data and runs into many rows, you would have to scroll up the sheet each time to copy that entry (if it cant be typed manually) and again scroll down to the current cell to paste it. This is not only time consuming but also can become a headache after doing it several times.

You actually have a better way of doing it.  Any time you want to repeat previously entered data in a column, simply press Alt+Down arrow and you will get a list of all the data already present in the column.  You can use the arrow keys to select an item and then press Enter.

If you want to use the mouse, right click on the current cell and select “Pick from Dropdown List” and choose an item to enter in the cell.

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